Sivacon Technology Partner

Sivacon Technology Partner

Since 2002, Sabo Electric is a certified manufacturer of SIVACON Board and Panels, which are manufactured under the supervision of Siemens AG firm, based on the configuration software SIMARIS.

The type SIVACON, low voltage electrical panel, is designed by Siemens for the needs of the global market and it’s a standard and reliable solution for both industry and buildings.

Sivacon power distribution board and motor control centers are available throughout the world and can be used at all power levels up to 7000A. It’s available as a fixed, plug-in or with a withdrawable design.

Each SIVACON electrical panel is composed exclusively with standard and coded data (modules). All items come with high quality that meets the design specifications of Siemens. Multiple possibilities for combining elements will meet any requirement. The exclusive use of high-quality Siemens switchgears, ensures long life and reliable operation.

Sabo Electric Sivacon Certificate

Sivacon electrical boards features:

  • Standard type tested modules
  • Variable busbar position at the top or rear of the cubicle
  • Deep switchgear compartment for universal installation
  • Modular structure of device compartments
  • Cable connection from the front or rear
  • Double front boards
  • Cable/busbar connection from the bottom/top
  • Type tested Sivacon 8PS busway system connections

Siemens Solution Partner

Sivacon Technology Partner

With the program “Siemens Solution Partner”, Sabo Electric’s power is combined with Siemens expertise.
Our skills, experience and expertise combined with extensive industrial applications can create ideal solutions for any requirement.

Sabo Electric has been certified as «Siemens Solution Partner» which allows us, to operate as providers for the Siemens range of product and services in the fields of automation and drives

Sabo Electric Industrial Communication Certificate
Sabo Electric Factory Automation Certificate

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