Panel Construction

Electrical Board and Panel construction

Sabo Electric designs and constructs Electrical boards and panels, according to European and international standards. The company uses only internationally certified products of well known and established firms, always following European and international instructions for electromagnetic compatibility and complies with low voltage directives.

Sabo Electric SA builds electrical boards after the engineering design of its technical department, who can undertake the design of any kind of electrical panel and also make suggestions for improvements or adjustments whenever is requested. Electrical drawings are compiled with the program Eplan Electric P8. We can also build electrical panels with third party electrical designs.

The company constructions fall into the following main categories:

  • Power distribution boards
  • Automation panels
  • Reactive power compensation (choked or non-choked capacitor modules)
  • Motor control centers (MCC, Soft Starters, Variable Speed Drives)
  • Lighting distribution boards
  • Automatic change over facilities
  • Transformer protection
  • Control cabinets
  • Panels for photovoltaic Systems
  • Outdoor substation (kiosk)
  • Medium voltage switchboards
  • Special Constructions